• Craft Beer Selection

    We offer a variety of craft beers, seasonally available and always changing. What’s in our fridge this week? Call for a selection or stop on by! Some of the breweries we have featured in the past include Anderson Valley, Brooklyn Breweries, Yuengling, Dogfish Head, Sly Fox, Great Lakes, Victory, Troegs, Fegley’s, La Chouffe, and many more.


    Jever Pilsener Germany 4 . 9%
    Classic pilsener clean, crisp and refreshing
    Bells Oberon Wheat Ale MI 5 . 8 %
    Made with only 4 ingredients, it’s the color & scent of a sunny afternoon
    Avery Lilik’I Kepolo CO 5 . 4%
    Belgian style white ale brewed with passionfruit and spices
    Avery Cucumber Hibiscus Sour Ale CO 7 %
    A cooling sour ale brewed with organic cucumber juice & hibiscus petals & aged in oak barrels
    Conshohocken Blood Money IPA PA 6. 7 %
    Super juicy blood orange IPA bursting with citrus aromas
    Bonn Place Mooey Ale PA 4. 8 %
    English-style bitter combines lightly sweet malts & lightly bitter hops
    Miller Lite $3 Beck’s, non alcoholic $3 Guiness $5
    Yuengling Lager $4 Modelo Chelada 24 oz pounder can $8

    Rekorderlig Mango-Raspberry Cider Sweden 4 % 6 12oz
    Bursting with fresh raspberries & tropical mango flavors
    Great Barn Dunkelshaun PA 6 . 2 % 8 16oz
    Peanut butter & chocolate dunkelweizen tastes like a reese’s cup with a touch of chocolate milk
    HiJinx Fuzzy Love IPA PA 6. 5 % 9 16oz
    Dry hopped American IPA brewed with natural peach & passionfruit flavors
    Wyndrige Farm Rosé Cider PA 6. 2 % 5 12oz
    Fermented with local apples & red grape must
    Oliver Brewing Love at First Sting MD 5. 5% 7 12oz
    Kettle sour brewed with cactus honey & fermented with passion fruit for a perfect balance between sour & sweet
    Graft Book of Nomad– The Oracle NY 6 . 9% 8 12oz
    Plum & pear mochi hard cider
    Conshohocken Brewing Company Blood Money IPA PA 6 . 7% 7 16oz
    Super juicy blood orange IPA, with aroma’s and flavor’s bursting at the seams.
    Blanche de Bruxelles Belgium 5. 7% 6 16oz
    A white wheat ale with hints of coriander & orange peel. It’s what Blue Moon wishes it could be!

    Penn Brewing Company Nut Roll Ale PA 5 % 5 12oz
    Holiday spiced nut brown ale with cinnamon & vanilla. Reminiscent of the nut rolls Grandma used to bake
    Victory Storm King PA 9 . 1 % 8 12oz
    Dense & full-bodied, with deep, dark chocolate flavors of roasted malts under a massive hop aroma
    Dogfish Head Dragons and Yum Yums DE 6. 5% 7 12oz
    Brewed with dragonfruit & yumberry. Intensely tropical, yet subtley bitter
    Schneider Weisse Mein Aventinus Bavaria 8 .2% 11 16oz
    Dark ruby wheat doppelbock
    Piwo Z Grodziska Poland 3 . 1% 7 12oz
    Brewed with local Grodzisk water, the Grodzisk yeast and 100% wheat malt smoked over oak wood
    Zywiec Lager Poland 5 . 6% 5 12oz
    Polish style lager: malty start, smooth finish
    Free Will Brewing Co Cuvee Aigre PA 7% 20 16.9oz
    Mature oak-aged sour ale with prominent flavors of white grape, dried fruit. Tart and refreshing
    Master Gao Baby Jasmine Tea Lager China 5. 4% 10 11.2 oz
    American pale lager brewed with jasmine tea
    Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA DE 9 % 7 12 oz
    Esquire calls it “perhaps the best IPA in America.” Continuously hopped, bursting with citrus & great malts
    Deus Brut des Flandres Belgium 11. 5 % 49 750ml
    This sparkling ale is brewed in Belgium and then bottled in France. Truly the Champagne of beers.
    Duck Rabbit Porter NC 5. 7% 6 12oz
    Robust dark ale with roasty flavor notes
    St. Bernardus Extra 4 Belgium 4. 8 % 7 11.2oz
    Refreshing Belgian blonde ale
    Avec les Bons Voeux de la Brasserie Dupont Belgium 9. 5 % 30 750ml
    Redolently aromatic, rich and velvety, this is an ale to toast any season